4g lte going out in 77019 for 4 days and Data being turned off
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Are you guys having problems with the network signal in the 77019 area?I am and it is driving me nuts,4g for few mins, to 3g for a bit, to 1x, to no data @ all!So many other things to worry about in life and adding data connect issues is extremely maddening!Why would my data be getting turned off requiring a hard reset(popping out battery)to get data to connect?The data shut off is a totally new issue,are you  guys doing that or could it be my phone/sim card?Was about to buy a new full price phone from you guys but now I am why hesitant if my service is going to be as bad as it has been for the last week.....Any insight or help would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: 4g lte going out in 77019 for 4 days and Data being turned off
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I completely agree longtimeclient, you shouldn't have to worry about your phone or service. We can absolutely look into this to get it resolved, and restore your confidence in us. I don't see other issues have been reported for this area recently. What device do you have? Do you notice this happening in any specific locations? Indoors/outdoors? Certain time of day? How are calls and texts?

Meanwhile, please try powering off and remove SIM card, if you know how, for one minute, then reinsert and restart phone. Let's see if this is any help. Please keep us posted, and elaborate on the questions above so we can get this resolved.

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