4g mobil hotspot "limited" connectivity

I have the SCH-LC11 mobil hotspot and currently have 4 devices connected to it.  The devices are a AT&T Iphone, an Ipad 2 (No WiFi), an HP Desktop, and a Sony Laptop running windows vista.  The first three devices connect to the hotspot and operate normally, but the sony laptop is not.


When I first set everything up a couple days ago I was able to connect the sony normally without any problems.  However, after a day or two of being connected its connectivity was lost.  Trying to reconnect through the "start" menu the computer does see the network and i go through the connection process after which I get a message waying the network connection was successful...however, I have no internet access.  The network connecion window says I am connected to the hotspot and have excellent signal strength in the description it says "Connected with Limited Access".  I was able to fix this issue once buy going through a series of deleting the network, restarting the computer, and reconnecting...however I haven't yet been able to replicate that process nor do i want to do this everytime I want to use the browser or other interent functions.


Finally, I still have access to previous ISP and wirelss home network and can still browse and connect to the interent as normal that way so there doesn't seem to be any problems directly with my computer...at the same time Im not sure why only this unit is having issues.


Thanks for any help


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