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4g questions & personal issues.

I am new to 4g, I've had the droid x for a while. Just upgraded to the Galaxy Nexus 2 days ago. My area is completely covered by 4g lte.. Or so says Verizons picture/tech support. My house will not hold 4g with my galaxy nexus, I get 0-1 bar and drop all the time to 3g, lowest on 4g -93 dBm highest ive seen was -145 dBm. I tried walking around my house to see if signal gets any better and it doesn't. I tried walking around my section to see doesn't. I visited my friend hes about directly east of me, and my grandparents they are about directly west of me. Both are about 1 mile away, I get 4 bars and good signal and speed at both their houses. I'd like to add too my 3g speeds at my house were pretty good on my droid x (-60dBm) and my Galaxy nexus about 1.5mbps down. (which I assume use the same towers??) So how come 4g is so bad for me ?

I also contacted tech support the day I got my phone activated, since I got an 4g LTE phone and my area is completely covered in dark red 4g LTE, I figured I would get an good signal.... They basically told me the dBm and signal bars don't matter and that I have 10 towers near my address... The lady told me that it was my house, well I tested that by walking around my house which is pretty open area and actually up on an hill lol. I couldn't get more then 1 bar and it dropped even outside on my pool deck. So I walked my dog around my entire section and checked, I noticed I lost 4g and was 3g the entire walk. So what actually causes this ? It shows my address that I have it and the map shows my area completely has it, prob 70-90 miles away doesn't that's the closest area that don't have 4g  coverage. Is there anything I can do or get Verizon to do ? Or is Verizon map just crap lie or the signal from the tower is worst then 3g ? Kinda pointless to have 4g if you can't even use it in your own house lol.

I have read people are having issues with my phone (after I got it) and Verizon basically said they were going to fix it then took it back and said they are just going to make it show like other 4g LTE phones. Have it show more bars I guess so does that mean it will drop less to 3g ? Since it seems when I get to 0 bars that's when it drops to 3g 😕 I don't mean to be rude or anything, I just don't understand why I have such an hard time getting 4g signal. Thanks for your time sorry for the long post.

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Re: 4g questions & personal issues.

You can locate "4G Discussions" and "Success Stories" lol I don't see much Success Stories in this forum 😕