4g service has become non-service for past 10 days

My 4g service which I have been using for the past year became "not available" on my mifi log. I have called V several times and most techs have tried to evade the antenna issue and blame my equipment ETC...

The transmissions have reverted to 3G for the past 10 days and last night it fell to 1X for a short period of time and then returned to 3G.

I have a IPAD so just to try and nail down the problem I decided to take my IPAD and MIF router in my truck and turn on logging to map coverage in my area and capture screens of the log as I moved around the area.

What I found is that I can pick up a 4G signal within 2/10th of a mileonly  in the northeast quadrant of the cells area. I drove around the southern arc of the towers general area and the only transmission was 3g. Even  directly under the tower there was no 4G transmission.

When I returned to the northeast quadrant 4g came on again.

I was able to find a person in tech support who asked me to compose a email of the logs with info about when and where etc.

I sent the complete email  to her and she responded that she had forwarded it to the network dept for analysis.

Have not heard back yet..

BTW... THe 3g logs reveal that it is in a special roaming mode 64.... whereas in 4g roaming is zero.....

So as of now I am not happy at all......

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Re: 4g service has become non-service for past 10 days

I sent a another email this am to a contact in tech support re: special roaming code 64. She also responded to my. previous email that I wrote about on the previous post. Here is her response

I wanted to get back to you and let you know that the ticket that I opened for you on the 5th has made it higher than any other ticket has made it so far due to your screen shots you submitted to me and I was able to add into your ticket.  Our System Performance team is taking a very hard look at your area to see what can be done to help you.  As soon as I hear something, I will let you know.

I have also requested info on  "what "special roaming" code 64 means"

This is more then I have had in the past.... Perhaps things may happen ... "I hope"