4g signal drops back to 3g constantly

Anyone else having this happen? I get 4g LTE for a few minutes at a time, then it drops back to 3g. I have called Verizon about this and they claim that I should have full 4g signal at all times, given my location. I've restored the phone, gotten rid of apps, even tried the Motorola 'Restore Connectivity' App (I have the Razr Maxx) but nothing works.

2 major issues here, when my phone 'drops' the 4g and switches to 3g, it takes almost a minute to do so, and during that time I have no connectivity, which means any internet pages loading have to be refreshed, any music / videos streaming have to be restarted, no texting, no calling, it's extremely frustrating. Secondly, in the area that I am using my phone (downtown Pittsburgh), the 3g signal is slower than dial up (I have run speed tests and consistently see between 10 - 20 kbps), so without 4g, the phone is basically useless for any internet activities.

Has anyone else had similar problems? Does anyone know a fix for this?

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