4gLTE checking Window Mounts/recharging

I just bought a 4gLTE mobile hot spot and it is fantastic.  I am working on it 8 hours a day and it's great.  I am noticing one thing that does not work the same on a hard wired connection.   I know this will be difficult but I just want to see if anyone has any ideas.  I work for a big company that has vpn.  Through the hot spot it seems like every 3 to 4 minutes something glitches out and the big company loginscript runs.  This big company has certain things it wants done every time the vpn is initiated and it has it's own Windows build that insures this login script runs.   It doesn't run this login script every 3 or 4 minutes on a hard wired connection, either through comcast or in one of the big company locations directly on their lan.  I have some (2 or 3) mounts to servers that I use and it may be that it is noticing the mount doesn't answer as fast as normal and that triggers the login script.  I have tried disabling the mounts but I can't get them to go away while I am using the hotspots.  Any thoughts about why this loginscript is only triggered through the mobile hot spot.


Also I work on the mobile hot spot 8 hours a day.  I found the battery doesn't last for 3-4 hours so I keep it charging constantly (plugged into the AC).   Is this going to burn it out?

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Re: 4gLTE checking Window Mounts/recharging
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Thanks for posting.  Can you please PM me the device model and your mobile telephone number and I would be more then happy to resolve this issue for you.  Thank you.