4gLTE is a tremendous product

I just bought a 4gLTE mobile hot spot and I want to say that it is a tremendous product.  I needed to work in Marin County, Ca and Western New York since I bought the product and it has worked flawlessly in both locations.  I have a vacation home and was able to cancel the hardwired internet I was paying for at the vacation home and replace it with the mobile hot spot.  I work for a big company with vpn as a software engineer and I was able to use all my work tools (ms sql, visual studio 2010 with LocalHost debugging and a connection to a remote database, Window Remote Desktop through our company vpn and they all worked flawlessly.  4g worked in Marin county and only 3g worked in western New York.   I actually found 3g to be pretty adequate for the work things I needed to do.  For the software engineering work I do I think I could work for more than two week and not go over the 5 gig data limitation per month on this product.  This product also works driving in a car using a tablet or a laptop so you can use laptops or tablets on the move if you prefer to work that way.  Hat's off to Verizon.  The 4gLTE is a fantastic product that more than works as advertised.

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Re: 4gLTE is a tremendous product
Verizon Employee

I'm so glad to hear that you are happy with your 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot!