A couple of questions about 4G

I got a Thunderbolt at the very end of May.  4G was coming to Greenville, SC in 2 weeks.  When it was up, I saw that I was in an "extended 4G area".  I understand it is a hit or miss with that area and even though I alerted the salesman about where I lived, he assured me that I would get 4G because "all of Greenville County will be covered".  According to the map, I am about 2-3 miles outside of the 4G area.  My questions are as follows:


1.  Is there any hope that the current 4G regions will be expanded upon or will they just keep pushing new areas through?


2.  When I had a regular phone with Verizon, I needed a hybrid signal locator pushed to my phone to pick up a local tower that Verizon acquired from Alltel.  Is there any such thing to improve my chances of picking up 4G in my extended area? 


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Re: A couple of questions about 4G
Verizon Employee

Hi kiliam,


I appreciate you eagerness to experience our 4G speeds.  Currently any location listed as the extended network on the our coverage map is not part of the Verizon Wireless footprint.   The extended network on the map displays the coverage availability of our competitors. However, please keep in mind that you will experience a 4G connection anytime you are in our 4G area.  I hope this information is helpful. Please let me know if you have any additional concerns.  




Thank you