A little humor for us fighting with 4G hotspots and phones
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My wife got a flat tire while driving to work this morning. Since we've always paid for AAA her first thought was to call them since she was on the side of a busy interstate. The guy on the phone asked her some question about where she was, how fast she was driving when this happened, how often this has happened, has she replaced the tire before, and the color of her car. At first she thought this was a little strange but she answered the questions hoping this would help get someone to help her to fix the tire.

The next question really confused her but she still went along. The guy on the phone asked her if she had a paper clip in the car to which she replied yes. He asked her to straighten the paper clip and next to her radio she should see a small hole where she would need to stick the paper clip in for 10 seconds until all the lights in the car would flash and the car would reboot. After the car rebooted the guy on the phone said this should fix her problem, he said drive for a few days, see if her car is running better and hung up after thanking her for being a valued customer. I'm not sure where this guy worked before or was trained but I believe he was either a level 1 tech support engineer for Verizon or AAA and Verizon share the same training facilities.
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