ASUS RT-AC5300 Supports Verizon USB730L Modem and Works!
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Verizon's newer USB730L modem works well with the ASUS RT-AC5300 as long as you're not using as your private IP space. Settings within USB730L accepted changing the default IP space on the modem but after a restart kept defaulting back. Resolved by changing my RT-AC5300 routers LAN space.


RT-AC5300 Router Steps:

1.) Change private IP space of RT-AC5300 to non-overlapping space (e.g. Verizon default is and defaults back after a restart (Default: Previous DHCP leases will expire in 24hrs)

2.) Ensure RT-AC5300 router has correct default gateway to new space, mine did not automatically update and was still even though my IP space was

3.) Select USB Application > 3G/4G

4.) Enable USB Mode and Select USB Device (USB Modem) and leave all settings at default

5.) Within WAN Menu/Level (same as above) Select Dual WAN and change Primary WAN to USB

6.) Apply and wait for restart then proceed


Verizon USB730L Steps:

1.) Login to USB730L via Windows and set connection preference to 'Auto-connect if not roaming'

2.) Tether to USB730L modem via USB 3.0 or 2.0 port to allow the router auto negotiate settings (including routing table)


You should now be able to access both your private LAN IP space (i.e. and Verizon's USB730L modem IP space (