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Can I use/transfer my current AT&T phone to Verison? I don't want to buy and take the trouble to set up a whole new phone. My 2 yr contract has expired with AT&T.

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No, you will need an iPhone4 that works on the Verizon Wireless Network. All non-VZW iPhones are only GSM capable. This means they will not work on the Verizon Wireless network. 

However, you can keep your phone number by porting in. Your number can be ported in by contacting our customer service team or visiting the nearest verizon store in your area. Click here for the nearest store location Click here for more information on the iphone

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Know how you feel but no.  They currently work on separate technologies and are not interchangeable--just like all current phones on ATT or Verizon..  It may be different with future phones, but not for now.   .  

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Some more info for you is that the current iPhone cases will not be compatible with the new Verizon model. They had to relocate some buttons.


They are also coming out with an antenna that you can switch to make your iPad work from AT&T to Verizon.


There is alot of things that are still unanswered that's going to make me wait awhile to upgrade. When is the 4G model coming out? Is it going to be when Apple releases the new iPhone 5 in 4 months? Or is Verizon going to skip the 5 all together and wait for the 6?