Address check says it's within 4G LTE market, but

after I signed up to Verizon and bought 2 Samsung Droid charge phones home, none of the phones have 4G signal, I can only see medium (2-3 bars) 3G signal. Further checking on  the coverage map indicated we are actually in a 4G-extended area....too bad. Will VZW upgrade our area to a REAL 4G soon? I am in Maryland 20841 area. Thanks!

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Re: Address check says it's within 4G LTE market, but
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You are still in a "real" 4G area.. Extended just means that you are very far out and probably not guaranteed consistant signal. They'll build it out- just give it time. I'm also in that extended area and depending on where I stand in my apartment, 4G will come or go. When it is linked on 4G, I get around 7-12mbps down / 2-4mbps up. Not bad at all. Even the 3G is peppy with low latency.


Although oddly enough when I do have 4G, the db raiting is between 55-80dbm - plenty to hold a great signal. Why it bounces back to 3G I don't get.. Read this topic for more about that. 4G 3G Signal Flip