Albuquerque Poor Signal problem
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It can't be a device thing as our entire family on different types of devices have the same problem as well as asking people when we are out and about the town.. ALL on Verizon have same concerns. Service is awful and worse lately. MANY places IN TOWN  get 1x to 3g service with zero connection to anything. Calls are dropped and staticky. When we do show LTE service it is only 1 or 2 bars and very poor speed. We often accompany people on Sprint or TMobile networks and they ALWAYS show full bars and don't have issues! We are STUCK with phone payments but can't use our phones unless on WIFI. What is the purpose of paying you $100's of dollars if you refuse to provide acceptable service? We go into the store and of course you guys locate good service there to sucker people in. What is going on??? FIX YOUR SERVICE and QUIT the excuses!! Anyone considering a class action lawsuit against Verizon for failure to fulfill their part of the service they claim to provide for the high costs we have to pay and then they do not? Seems like a logical move!! Or buy back all our phones at 100% pay off and let us move on free of charge! People depend on phones for Work, School, Medical, Family safety among other things. Verizon causes major issues if you happen to be in one of the many dead zones in town when a need arises!

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