Any advise for bad reception

I have been with Verizon since about 2003.  Over the past three months, I have noticed that my phone reception is absolutely awful.  I miss calls, can't connect when dialing out, can't send text messages, can't use internet - its almost like a great portion of the day I don't have reception.  In the past my reception was wonderful.  I have called Verizon multiple times and they are unsure as to what the fix will be.  Has anyone else experienced this?  If so what was the end result?

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Re: Any advise for bad reception
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First Verizon will ask if you swapped the SIM card, or if the phone is damaged, or if you tried running the phone in safe mode, or what your zip code is, or if it's any different outdoors, or if you've performed a factory reset.

Then there's an argument over whether it's a device issue, or an operating system issue, or a network issue.

Then that's the end of it, as no forum question has ever been resolved to anyone's satisfaction.

Re: Any advise for bad reception
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jjhubb, we appreciate your business and loyalty for the last 11 years! This long term relationship is important to us and we want to resolve this issue for you right away. Are you having issues with the reception on your device everywhere you go or just in a specific area? Which make/model phone do you have?

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