Any reports of data outages in New Jersey?
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I live about 10 to 15 minutes from Philly in Southern New Jersey and been having data connectivity problems. This problem started last night was out for over an hour. Called tech support to get issue fixed but they couldn't and issued a trouble. I even asked if other people called about the same problem and supposedly no one did. Then by the end of the night I my data back. Today I had no issues at first then while out doing errands intermittent data (3G and 4G), no data which lasted an hour while in the store and only 15 mins away from home. In addition, I got a GPS location that I was at the Jersey shore which is an hour away, mind you I live not far from Philly. I have the Galaxy Nexus and the only issue I had was with the one I sent back because of the speaker crackling and popping. I have a new one but never had data problems except after buying the first Gnex that I sent back back was a network issue. Then, the replacement no problems til last night and today. I think it's the network having problems but Verizon doesn't want to admit it. Maybe they're rolling out 4G too fast? Anyways, has or is anyone in Jersey or for that matter around the country been having data connectivity problems?

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