Are Hotspot and Device High Speed Data caps mutually exlusive?


I have an older family plan.  I believe it’s called the Share Everything Unlimited Plan.  We all share unlimited Data, Voice, and Text.  The plan is a flat $100.00 plus $20.00 per device.

While we have unlimited data, our hotspot data is capped at 15.0 GB of high speed data with unlimited 56k data after.  Also our Device Data is capped at 22.0 GB of High speed Data, with POSSIBLE slower speeds in peak times or locations.

Are these two caps combines or mutually exclusive?  If I use the full 15.0 GB of Hotspot Data, does that also eat at 15.0 of my 22.0 GB or Device Data?  Likewise, does data used on the device eat at my Hotspot high speed data?


Re: Are Hotspot and Device High Speed Data caps mutually exlusive?
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If I remember correctly, the 15 GB LTE hotspot data usage does come out of 22 GB high speed data allowance for the phone. However there is some separation between should you reach the 22 GB on the phone data, but haven't reached the 15 GB high speed hotspot data allowance. You should still have the high speed hotspot up until you used the 15 GB allowance even if you have already used 22 GB of phone data. 

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