Bad Cell Reception

I just changed from AT&T to Verizon. I was told by a very nice women sales rep that the reception is equal to or better than AT&T. Not so, they lied! With AT&T I had reception in my home and at work and with Verizon, I can't make calls from my home, I have to stand in the back yard, not just outside but in my back yard. At work is as bad and reception in general sucks! They have run me through the usual, restart, reset now bring it in and we will change the sims and then the phones, they say I should have great reception! The brought up the network extender! Only $249! But I'm lucky! I have only had them for 5 days, so I guess I'll go back to AT&T. Sad, I canceled AT&T and sold my phones! I guess they will take me back. LOL

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Re: Bad Cell Reception
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Why in gods name would you switch from a good cell service to Verizon? It could not have been price since Verizon is the highest of all carriers.

Yeah go back to AT&T quickly, it will cost you $35 restocking fee to leave plus any service you used to date.

You must always check with others as to coverage. Don't trust any sales person. They will lie and tell you anything to make a sale.

Good Luck

Re: Bad Cell Reception
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I have to agree with Elector on this one. Like the old saying, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Several years ago, I tried ATT but I could not get a good signal in my house. Verizon (then Alltel) was the only service with good signal coverage. That is the main reason I have been with them for so many years. Sorry to see Verizon didn't work for you. Good luck.