Bad/no service in 20112 - daily outage

I work from home - my work phone is a Samsung S7, my personal phone is an S8 -  both functioning well and I turn them off and on every night. Call quality has been degrading in recent months at home during the day, but over the last week or so, signal has been dropping out (from 4G to no signal, sometimes comes to 1G or 3G but will not allow calls) in the mid morning and will stay out for one to several hours. This morning, I lost signal at ~1000 and its still out at 1038 as I type this message. It looks like there is a wide outage today in my area - but this has been going on for longer than just today - what is going on? I need service for business - this is a problem I need to fix one way or another.

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Re: Bad/no service in 20112 - daily outage
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Being able to use your device where you need is very important, KLAPPEN.  We do want to make sure that this is looked into for you.  What’s the zip code where this is happening?  Has the signal disappeared on both the S7 and S8 device?  Please let us know.  In the mean time if the issue is still ongoing, you can activate Wi-Fi calling so that you can place and receive calls over your Wi-Fi network:


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