Being Charged for Returned 4G LTE Equipment

I hope someone can suggest some help. I cancelled my LTE service on July 28. I returned my Internet Gateway, which was received by your dock in Fort Worth, TX on August 11. On August 18 I called Verizon to ask about an e-mail sent to me saying I was going to be billed for unreturned equipment. The person I spoke to said they acknowledged receipt of the item on the 11th (even supplied me with the IMEI# for the equipment) and that everything would be taken cared of. On August 28 I received an email that I was charged for the equipment. I spoke to Verizon again on the 29th. The person had me on hold on and off for almost an hour, during my lunch break, just to tell me that they would call me back in 5 days about the situation. I never got a call. Here we are on September 4, I am sent a bill for $213.25 ($200 for the equipment, $13.25 for taxes). The third person I called & spoke to said that I would have to wait up to 72 more hours (3 days) to see a $200 credit, BUT that I would have to wait until October 2 to see the charge for taxes to disappear. I don't understand why I am left on the hook & have to monitor an account I closed back in July to get rid of a charge for equipment Verizon has had since August 11, and I have to wait for this to be resolved until October? If anyone can suggest anything to help, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Customer Service Rep

Hello RJY1! We're sorry for the inconvenience. The reason for this is that we're not able to credit taxes, as we don't charge you for them. So, when we issue a credit, the taxes are credited to you on the next cycle. You will receive a bill showing you a $0.00 balance if we already credit the non-return fee, and you don't have any other balance pending. We'd love to verify this information for you. Please reply to our private note to better assist you.