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Best Phone for actually making a call

Since there is no clear board for this...

I dont care about price, i dont care about apps, i dont care about features.

Apparently Verizon is shutting down my 3g Convoy as it no longer transfers from

tower to tower anymore and randomly drops calls even in 4bar service areas. I only

use my phone to talk, and i NEED to have a consistant signal with clear voice line. Im

partial to Samsung, but otherwise i need to know what the best cell phone availible

is (since verizon itself doesnt want to answer my question.)

Re: Best Phone for actually making a call

There are 4G LTE basic phones available for purchase from Verizon Wireless now. All are capable of VoLTE calls. 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Best Phone for actually making a call

"Capable" and "Functional" are not the same thing. My best friend has an S7

with so-called "VoLTE" and the connection is so weak he cannot be heard

when driving, on bluetooth, or standing near anything noisy. Everyone claims

the S7 is one of the best phones Verizon issued, but doesnt hold a candle to

the talk quality of my old Motorola Vi. Im tired of playing this game - Thunderbolt,

Razr, Alias... every "smart" phone i purchase gets worse reception than the one

before it. If Verizon is going to force me to upgrade again, they are going to get

it right this time.