Better Signal?

Will the 4G network give me a better signal?  My current verizon signal does not do well in my house.  I drop calls regularly once i move from my kitchen, that the only place i can have a conversation without dropping my call.  This also happens on others phones, so its just not my phone.  If I go anywhere alse i loose bars and if i go into basemet, I get 0 bars.


I've heard that 4G network will improve this since its a lower frequency?  Any thoughts?  I don;t want to switch to 4g right now if it doesnt help my signal. 


Oh BTW, Verizon refuses to give me a network extender, they want to chage me $200.  Sprint gives them away for no cost. :smileysad:



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Re: Better Signal?
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It really depends, in all honesty.  While it is true that the 700MHz spectrum is a lower band frequency, and, therefore, will pass through buildings and other things more easily than higher frequencies (most carriers, including Verizon, use 1.2GHz+ bands for communication now), the biggest factors you will still face are: proximity to a cell tower and what your house is made out of.  Unfortunatly, if your house acts like a Faraday Cage, there isn't a spectrum alive that will give you a significant boost in performance.


As for the network extenders, I never really liked the concept, anyway.  They piggy-back off your home internet connection, which means you're paying for it either way, even if a company like Sprint gives it to you for free.