Beyond unlimited plan extremely slow
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I switched from the go unlimited plan in hopes that my data speed would be faster. Since I’ve had the beyond unlimited plan there hasn’t been much of a difference and Im extremely frustrated. At times it says I have no internet connection at all. I always have 3-5 bars and LTE in my area but that doesn’t seem to reflect data speed whatsoever. If there isn’t a fix in the near future I will be switching back to AT&T just to have a consistent working smartphone.

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Re: Beyond unlimited plan extremely slow
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Davidroberts124, we really want you to make sure all of your concerns are thoroughly addressed. Please respond to our private message. The Go Unlimited plan will experience slower data speeds, because it's a basic unlimited plan for those who want a better value. Here's more information >;



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Re: Beyond unlimited plan extremely slow
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The OP switched from GoUnlimited to BeyondUnlimited. That's key to the report.