Boise Idaho 4g LTE just gets slower and slower
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I have been a Verizon customer for about a year now.   Sitting at the same desk in the same office location, I started out getting 3mg to 4mg download speeds (verified with  Over the past year, my speeds have gotten slower and slower.   I am now down to getting .76 download speeds (yes that is point 76.  Not even 1mb.  That is not even close to meeting the contractual agreed upon speeds. 

To answer some questions, not it is not just my phone or things running on my phone, as I have two different phones (both on Verizon), and both are getting the same very slow speeds.  I am an I.T. person, and I understand ping rates and download speeds. 

Yes I have removed the batteries from my phones and retested getting the same results.   Yes I have made sure that I don't have background processes running which might affect the speeds.     What is worse, is that I just had a sales guy from Tmobile try to talk me into switching.  We both ran speedtest from the same location.   (Just so happens he has the exact same phone as I do).   He was hitting 19mb downloads.   I was getting .46 from the same location. 

I have done this test on a galaxy note II running various apps, and a Nokia 928 that is bare bones.  I get very close to the same speeds with both phones.

I am in the center of downtown Boise.

I rarely get anything above 1mb.

Cmon Verizon.   Fix this..  This type of problem is why I left Sprint after being with them for 5 years.    

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No offense, but did you not tell the OP "solutions are YEARS away"?

Wouldn't you be at least little disturbed if you were getting hr2's slow speeds, and someone just told you "Mobile data is SHARED"?  All I'm saying is, how about a little sympathy for the OP?  And a little encouragement that AWS is going to help in the near-term.  Just trying to have a positive outlook, that's all.