Broadband Router and Voice - Managing Usage

I have used 2gigs of data in 5 days since activating.  I have 4 devices that are connected at all times.  Is this causing my usage and should I expect to use 10+ gigs per month with 4 devices?

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Re: Broadband Router and Voice Usage
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Ensuring you are on the correct data plan is very important SCFamily4. Do you have four devices connected to a mobile hotspot or mifi device? Depending on the data usage on the devices connected your data usage may increase. Streaming data for movies, music, videos, etc. can increase data usage. In addition, if you have a mobile hotspot or mifi, it's suggested that you turn off the device when not in use to prevent data usage in the event a pc or connected device were to do a system update. To help determine what your data usage will be we do offer a data calculator. To view our data calculator click

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