Can Verizon "Reset" My Signal?
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I remember when I called Verizon on the morning of the outage that the support person told me that she had been informed by the Tech Dept to tell the customers not to lock there modems in a 3G mode or it would mess them up while this problem was going on. She also had mentioned something about having to possibly do a reset since I had already tried locking mine in 3G. My memory is not as sharp now, being 45 years old that is! Before the outage, mine would handle the hand shake MUCH better than what it is doing now. Actually, I am having to do it manualy myself almost everytime. It will go into 4G but it will not go to 3G unless I hit the Connect button. After the last VZAM update it seemed to have corrected this. Now it seems I am back to where I was before.


Does anybody know anything about this?

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