Cannot connect to Google via Verizon wireless

Last week, both my iPhone 7 and my wife's Tracfone stopped being able to connect with Google using Verizon wireless (not wifi, but cell network).  We are on two different accounts.  My iPhone 7 is through a business account at work, and my wife's Tracfone is prepaid.  However, both use Verizon cell service.  Last week, they suddenly stopped being able to connect to Google's servers.  I can view other sites and use other apps, but Gmail won't connect to Google, nor will the web-browser (Safari).  My wife cannot access Google on her Tracfone either.  Given that our phones are totally different, we are on different cell service plans, and we don't use wifi at home, this must be a problem with Verizon's network in our area.  Any ideas?  I can't even figure out who to contact. 

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Customer Service Rep


Good afternoon ajsodergren. I'm sorry to hear you are having problems with connecting to Google with that device. I recommend calling our business department at 800-922-0204. They can investigate a business account. I'm confident they can investigate this thoroughly for you. -Joe