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I have Verizon Service on my Samsung S8+ mobile phone. I just installed a joying android head unit. I am looking for the best way to add internet access to the joying head unit. If I could use the bluetooth internet tethering, that may be ok. For me to switch internet off on my phone, then turn on the hot spot on the phone, then wait for it to connect, is too much trouble for me for the short trips I make. I would really rather get 4g on the joying device directly. This way I would have connectivity even if I forgot my phone or if my battery dies, or I loan my truck to a friend.

So for verizon, I see Hum and Delphi Connect. I also see their mobile jetpacks. The jetpack looks great, but knowing me, I would forget to keep it charged. I also saw something called a zubie. I currently have a tablet that is on my shared data plan costing me 10 dollars a month. If I get one of these other devices, like the zubie for example, I will just switch my shared data from the tablet to the zubie. That way my bill would stay the same and I would tether my tablet to it.

Any recommendations of getting my truck connected on verizon?

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I use the hot spot on the phone,  it's part of your quick menu,  so simply pull the menu down,  click hotspot on your way to the car,  or when you put the phone in it's holder and done.  Really quick.