Cell Coverage
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For the past few months, cell services has been absolutely awful. I've been in the same home for 3years and it wasnt as bad as it is now (28445). I could predict areas I'd have call dropped (28443) during summer tourist season calls would drop while on the main roadway). I've traveled several time between NC and OH and thought the mountains would be the only spot to give me trouble but it was the worst in a well developed area of NC (27107). For a good 30mi stretch on the interstate call would not stay connected. More recently local to where I live, service will go from 4 bars 4g LTE to no service within 2ft while outside in another well developed area (28403). I find it most iritating to rely on our home WiFi service which is paid seperately to do the job of the a cell service we are already paying for. If coverage continues to dwindle we may have no other choice but to change carriers. This is not the only phone on our plan having coverage issues. Other with 5g have expressed similar deficiencies when making calls.

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