Change Homefusion router IP address?

As verzion doesn't allow more than 30 GB a month of bandwidth I had to purchase 2 homefusion systems, each account has has 20GB of bandwidth and I am working to setup load balancing. One issue is changing the routers IP address. To login to the either router you have to use the If I hook both units up to my load balancing router I can only login (and use) the router on wan port 1. As the routers are located in a different part of the house and as I often work late if I need to reboot the routers or antenna, which does occurs frequently, I would rather not make a bunch of racket so I need to be able to login to each router to be able to reboot if one goes down. As such I need to change one routers IP address. Also changing the IP address makes setting up the load balancing a bit easier. I have looked through just about every setting and not found it. It is a function on basic routers to change their IP address so I am seriously hopping that verizon has not gone an been idiots, again.

If the answer is super technically. please feel free to post. When I comes to computer there isn't much I can't do. I am able to go as far as rewriting the firmware, if that is even an option.

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