Congestion/slow speed

Have been experiencing extrememly slow speeds when high school lets out, pools are open, mid day .... in the same geographical area for months.  We live in area code 32003 and are right in the middle of a large retail and residential area.  This extremely slow speed has rendered VERIZON data unusable while T-mobile, AT&T etc maintain high speeds.

Please advise what will be done in this area to bring Verizon up to at least the same level as the other companies.

Re: Congestion/slow speed
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golflyboy, keeping you connected with fast data speeds to provide a good experience is important. We are here to work toward a resolution. There are not any reported network issues in the area, so we would like to gather more information. Please use an app or website of your choice to run a speed test and provide us the results. How are other services on the phone working? Does this problem happen indoors or outdoors?


Re: Congestion/slow speed
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How do you know other carriers are maintaining full speeds at all times as a Verizon customer?


I've used TMobile's network in the past and couldn't honestly tell you how they'd be doing right at this moment not currently using them, it'd be dishonest.