Contact information for upper level technical support management

Does anyone on this board have contact information for someone in the upper end of the technical support group at Verizon Wireless? I have had a frustrating day dealing with Verizon Wireless. Whatever Verizon is using for filtering has gone off the deep end. As of lunch time today we have been unable to access any websites on the internet. We can connect to any other services such as imap, pop3, ssh, rlogin...You name it, it works. Anything except http or https which are tcp ports 80 and 443. On my end it is showing the connection open when I connect to port 80 or port 443 however the connection is not established on the web server side.


I have tried 4 times today to explain this to various level 1 and level 2 support agents and supervisors but they do not understand what I am explaining to them. So I am looking for some contact information of someone I can call to help me get this resolved.








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Re: Contact information for upper level technical support management
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That's a temporary network event because they are doing upgrades.


Nothing to do with firewall because why the hell would VZW firewall HTTP/HTTPS which would make average users not able to surf the internet!?


I really hope you did the shut-off device, and reboot the device thing!?


Everytime it boots it re-loads config from LTE if any changes VZW automated DM (device management) provisioning from the IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) wants to push to the device and SIM card profiles...


You should have acted dumb and told them you can't surf...


Don't try to talk about how it works because THEY AREN'T TRAINED FOR THAT! You should be smart enough to decipher that in the human condition.

Re: Contact information for upper level technical support management

Then they should provide those of us with a clue a means to get on the horn with one of them with a clue! Most of us have been through all of the fiddle fart canned "fixes" BEFORE we call, so we can vainly hope to speed along the process to the REAL cause of the problem. But hey, having us purge our caches all the time eats up byte quotas, and that is exacly in their interest so they can rake your wallet when you go over quotas. More than 33% of my quota usage is due to content reloads when the service throttles the stream to such a crawl that the content provider or the client application closes the connection.