Coverage Problems in MN

Since I don't have time to call in and report coverage problems and only sales reps are ever able to chat, I'd like to submit this (zip code 55432).  The lovely coverage map below shows that I should be getting 4g everywhere around my place of work.  Problem is in the blue area, I get absolutely nothing.  In the purple circle there are a LOT of areas where I'm lucky to get a bar of 3g.  I've confirmed this with four coworkers who are on Verizon with iPhones and android devices.  Fun huh?!


Here's another one with other areas where I typically travel.  In the blue circle my phone is only ever on 3g and there are multiple blocks together that have nothing or roaming.  The white circle is more dead than alive.  Either there is great 4g or there is nothing.  (Note that the Mall of America is just to the right of the no coverage circle)


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