Coverage degradation! Please help!
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I work in Bellevue, Ohio at The Bellevue Hospital US 20 x County Road 302). We have always had excellent, full scale 4G LTE in the Emergency Department. Lately, I'd say within the past two weeks, we have experienced a huge change in coverage. Now  we have 0-2 bars of 1X and maybe 3G. There are also lots of faded and dropped calls in the west end of town. The battery heats up and dies quickly looking for coverage.

I called 611 but they said there was nothing wrong with the network.

I have restarted the phone several times. Others are experiencing the same issue.

My phone is the Note 4. My wife has a Note 3 and is having the same dropped call issue in the same area.

Definitely a big change in the network here. Please check it out.

We love VZW and extremely rarely ever have an issue with the network wherever we go.

Thank you for your time!

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