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Coverage during NY Metro North Commute is AWFUL

Unsurprisingly the service is still awful. I spent hours with Verizon support trying to explain how bad it was. They kept trying to text and call me but, I was on the train at the time, so the line kept dropping or they wouldn’t get my messages 😂. At one point at Stamford I had full bars 5G and the train was completely stopped. Almost no service but just enough to get a msg - Support guy says “the train is moving too fast for you to get a signal” after we get moving again signal returns and I send message saying it was at a dead stop. He said coverage at Stamford station is/was good. These guys have no clue.

Re: Coverage during NY Metro North Commute is AWFUL
Customer Support

We all basically "live" on our phones these days, cbjohnson, and especially on a commute, we would all want to maximize that time. You deserve an honest answer about what is going on. The speed of the train is an issue, but not the most important one. The main issue is that the train is a large metal tube. The signal does not penetrate the metal, so it will only "come through" the windows. The other factor at play is that during commute times there are more users than ever accessing the same shared signal. We hope this explanation helps although the ideal solution would be to get the same signal you get the rest of the time while on this commute.  -George