Coverage is awful and Verizon tried to upsell
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My service on all of my phones on my plan has been nothing but awful. The iPhone 14s have been the worst phones I have ever had because of this. This is a known issue on Verizon as there have been not one but 2 Forbes articles on this. I have called several times and been sent a service repeater for my home. Still nothing has worked. The latest time I called (yesterday) I was told the base 5g plan isn’t really 5g and that my phone needs the better service ultra-wide ban plan. This was an up selling sc am. I have had no improvement in my service at all. Please anyone that reads this avoid Verizon until they can solve this issue or Verizon please give me my iPhone XsMax back so I can have phone service through LTE. 

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Hello, JBHaus, and thank you for reaching out with regard to your service. I'm sorry to hear you've been running into an issue since your upgrade, we definitely want to help ensure that you are able to use your new devices without a problem. So we can best assist, can you tell us more about what's been going on since you've switched to the iPhone 14? What specifically has been the issue with data? Are voice and text affected as well?