Well,    I have to say, that the misrepresentation of 4G LTE coverage by Verizon is very disappointing!!!

There was just an email came out saying our town, Corbin, KY. was converted to 4G LTE.  

What the truth of the matter is, They placed one 4G tower next to the interstate to carry travelers from other area's while they drive through our town. 

99.9% of our town, can not hit that 4G service.  I dont mean, those of us that area actually out of town. but the town itself.  

That is misrepresentation on Verizon's behalf.  The local dealer has been using the 4G LTE conversion to sell phones to us for two years.   Once the conversion was done, well, it does not even cover where the dealer is located either.   It is simply to aid travelers as they pass through on I75 to make them think Verizon has done such a great job upgrading there system. Forget local customers.   I doubt that I will be extending my contract with V.

At least that is how it appears to local customers.

Good Job Verizon!!  (not)

Tom B.

Corbin Ky market.

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You do realize that you WILL get 4G by the end of the year at the latest. Jeesh. In Sept of last year my area got 4G and it was ONE tower like you. Now just about the whole county has it. ( at least 6 towers now )