DISCONNECTS EVERYWHERE. I can't recommend this service outside 4G areas
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I thought this was an exaggeration when I suggested Ernestine now works for Verizon...




..but now I suspect it's closer to the truth.  Why can't they maintain a D--- signal!

I'm being cut off in the middle of banking transactions,  major downloads,  and all kinds inconveniences.   I feel for those of you who have to maintain a constant online connection.    I don't know what's going on with their signal, but it's starting to feel personal.


The time I spent in 4G territory spoiled me for speed.   Now  I stare at the loading bar wondering if I'm still connected or is it just slow.  It took a minute for this Verizon page to load!     I have to drive to a coffee shop in Atlanta if I want a serious connection, and bring back the data to put on my desktop machine.


OK Verizon,  We're not just a few whiners.  We're talkers.  People are asking us innovators how the service is going and we might just be telling them.    Get better fast.



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