Data Plan Scam

I stopped into speak with a Verizon Rep in Marysville, WA before the big data plan change to see if I'd be safe or if I had to upgrade to a Thunderbolt etc, on the spot.  She told me because I had unlimited data I would be grandfathered in and keep it.  So I've been waiting for the Bionic to come out.


Now I'm told that I have a "basic phone" not a "smartphone" and will not qualify, but that I shouldn't be upset, because the 2gb I get for the same price is good enough for 96% of Verizon customers.  In fact they even were kind enough to let me know that I should be alright watching up to 1 hour of video per month.  But fret not, because if I wanted to keep my unlimited data plan, I could just stay with a basic phone.


I wrote back 4 different times and got the same pre-programmed response each time.  Today I saw that T-Mobile has some pretty awesome deals right now, so I'm going to go swing by there and see what they have.  I was looking forward to the Bionic, but I won't stay with a company who treats me like this.  After 8 years I'm finally calling it quits on Verizon.

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Re: Data Plan Scam

To defend the rep, they knew as much as we as customers knew prior to the change. Which is not much. Until a change is officially released, none of us, including employees know what is coming.


Although I had a SP prior to the change, I was surprised by the differentiation between feature phone unlimited data and SM unlimited data. THAT was never presented in any of the 'leaked images'.