Data/Service Downhill Spiral

Since February, there has been a significant degradation of the data and connectivity in my area.  There is actually a local Facebook community post regarding this topic that has over 80 Verizon customers talking about how the Verizon service in general has gone completely down hill.  The part that is most interesting about this post, and conversations with my neighbors, is that many of us have called Verizon to try to get help with the situation and everyone of us gets a different answer to what the issue is.  The following is a list of reasons for our service degrading over time. 1. Bad Sim card. 2. Too many people using the network (we live in an area with less that 5K residents) 3. Moved cell towers go find a new provider. 4. Transmitter is out on the tower, ticket submitted. 5. You need a booster. 6. Data Limit Distribution - allows everyone to use a fair amount of data. 7. Cell phone data plans were never intended to replace cable television. 

Because of all the reasons we have been given by Verizon, I no longer trust their technical department and feel like they are being totally dishonest with their customers.  Tonight when I called because my data was not working, it magically started working with Verizon Tech on the phone.  As soon as i hung up, it stopped again.  I am very disappointed as a customer and am starting to look forward to my contract ending in December.  I hope this gets fixed soon!!!

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Re: Data/Service Downhill Spiral
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OU812_I81B4U, it breaks my heart to hear that you and your community have had this experience with the network. I want to do all that I can to ensure that this issue is addressed. There's a message from me in your inbox and I'd love to connect with you further.


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