Data Service on the Long Island Railroad Port Washington Line
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I commute via the Long Island Railroad into New York City on the Port Washington Line.  The line runs through the northern part of Queens and then through the northern part of North Hempstead.  I have found that there is almost no cellular data service on much of this route.  In particular, the section from Great Neck, Long Island to just outside of Bayside, Queens is completely dead.  No 4G, no 3G, no 1X, nothing.  It doesn't matter what device I'm using--Blackberry, Ipad2, Galaxy Nexus, even my new Moto X.  None of them can maintain internet connectivity via the Verizon data service.

I could understand some gaps in service if we lived out in the eastern end of Long Island, but this Queens, New York and a rail line of the busiest commuter railroad in the country.

Has anybody else experienced a huge gap in service in a major metropolitan area?

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