Data Tethering for "Unlimited" Customers

Hello, I have been a user of Verizon Wireless services for as long as I can remember now, but after a lot of research and reading, I have seriously been debating a switch of providers, and this could possibly be the icing on the cake. I subscribed for 'Unlimited Data' back when I was in high school, and I was as happy as I could be, but since then, I have evolved in my life, and require new phones pretty frequently, more than 2 gb of data per month, and now I need to be able to tether data. Being an "unlimited" data customer, you would imagine I can tether all the data I wish to my devices, because, well, you know, I have "unlimited" data. No. Now Verizon has decided to charge you 30 dollars per month subscription, on top of what I already pay for my "unlimited" data, so that they can "offer a service" that is not a service on their end at all, its something my phone does and they have absolutely no power over, yet they choose to charge me half my bill, so I can use my "unlimited" data on devices like my tablet, or laptop when I need to. Does anybody know any ways to work around this, or if any other services charge this ridiculous fee? I am an extremely tech savvy person, and am willing to flash my phone and use separate ROMS and configurations if necessary. Let me know. Thanks!

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Re: Data Tethering for "Unlimited" Customers
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Verizon always charged a separate fee for tethering/hotspot on unlimited plans.

However I have had Verizon for a gazillion years and the price was $20 so i save $10. However anyone trying to get it now will pay $30 for that 2 GB. That is just the way it is.

T-Mobile has unlimited everything plans for $80 with 2.5 GB of free tethering per month.

Good Luck