Data Throttling to “UNUSABLE” speeds after 22GB
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WHEN I SAY “UNUSABLE” I MEAN I CANT EVEN ACCESS THE VERIZON WEBSITE OR USE THE APP TO CHECK USAGE. Thats what I mean by usable and might as well just throw the phone away.

I need to get this straight… If I use 22GB of data on one of my device in one location, it will get deprioritized on any cell tower that “supposedly” is congested in the entire US while my other devices that didn’t reach that threshold will still access the network normally?

Also save us the normal response about wanting give other users priority because we've reached some measure basically make the device unusable while my other devices work fine.

Just come out and say "we are slowing the device because you are using too much data" no matter where you are on our network.

Then we will know to use our other "non throttled" devices.

Re: Data Throttling to “UNUSABLE” speeds after 22GB
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If you wanted to be spared a response you knew you were going to get, why bother posting?

Re: Data Throttling to “UNUSABLE” speeds after 22GB

It's not because you are using "too much data". It's because you are paying "too small a bill".  First there was "unlimited".  You got that, payed a premium for it.  Verizon figured these people are willing to pay a premium so let's create another "more unlimited" (idiotic I know) plan, then another.  There will soon be an unlimitedest plan and then a super duper more umlnlimitedest plan.  Of course the capability and capacity exists to not "deprioritize" (aka throttle) you but then how would executives and shareholders make even more millions off the already massively squeezed class?  How's that $1000 phone with dial up speeds working out, time for an upgrade!