Data service non-existant during "peak times" in 94954

Am about to drop Verizon like a hot potato and switch, because since moving to Petaluma, my data service has been horrific during peak times. In the morning, my wife can't leave the house until she's plotted her route to work since as soon as she's out of Wifi range and onto the 4G network, she gets nothing. Same issue with me - awful spotty service around here, despite having 3-4 bars everywhere I go. Resetting the phone's network settings has done nothing, and the talking head at the local Verizon store just shrugged and said "Peak times, is what it is."

Surely not the case, though?

Right now, sitting here, my phone has full bars, and not a single app - Safari, Facebook, Waze, Youtube - can get ANY connection whatsoever. Been like this for months. Safari just sits there trying to load, until it finally gives up and says "Safari could not open the page because the server stopped responding"

Soon as I connect it to the wifi... boom. No trouble.

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We don't want you to leave our Verizon family. Where are you typically having these data issues? Indoors or outdoors? Also do you know if anyone else in your area is having issues?


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