Data usage is being recorded incorrectly!
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For some reason I seem to have lost the other thread that I started.

Verizon is charging us for ridiculous amounts of data!  The data usage shown in the settings of the phone accurately depict my moms usage pattern, ie she does not use her phone very much.

Verizon has been charging us for insane overages like 10 gb 13 gb when the phone is VIRTUALLY UNUSED.

We have done a factory reset.

We have changed out the phone.

We have turned off mobile data.

After the changing out the phone we have downloaded zero new apps except the verizonwireless app.

When the mobile data has been turned off, we STILL get charged for data usage.

When we go to settings and check the data usage it says we've used 16 mb's since the phone changed.

look at what claims we are using

11/12/20137:37 AM31,587.7
11/12/201312:59 AM21,014.2
11/11/20136:45 PM18,594.1
11/11/20136:42 PM2,151.0
11/11/20135:53 PM29,619.1
11/11/20135:51 PM8.6
11/11/20137:47 AM99.2
11/11/20131:47 AM75.7
11/11/201312:59 AM114,202.5
11/10/20137:47 PM82.0
11/10/20136:23 PM273,581.6
11/09/20136:27 PM552,363.8
11/09/20131:47 PM335.3
11/09/20137:47 AM12,168.7
11/09/20131:47 AM324.7
11/08/20137:47 PM3,236.1
11/08/20137:46 PM0.1
11/08/20136:32 PM730,906.4
11/07/20136:26 PM390,628.3
11/07/201312:29 PM65.9
11/06/20136:28 PM356,386.5
11/06/201310:56 AM0.1
11/06/201310:52 AM137.6
11/06/201310:48 AM0.2
11/06/20134:30 AM461,273.6
11/05/20131:49 PM12.8
11/05/20134:35 AM313,707.7
11/04/20137:39 AM651,055.8

Customer service has been good about giving credit back, but i have been on the phone FOR HOURS trying to get this resolved,

AND they aren't addressing the ACTUAL issue, which is that they keep recording data usage that simply is NOT happening.


Meanwhile the data usage on MY phoneline is matching up perfectly. Why is this significant?  Because I actually use my phone and i don't go over the limit, so there's no possible way she could go over.

This is causing me a lot of grief,  we've been customers for like 12 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Re: Data usage is being recorded incorrectly!

Are you checking the Data on your phone? This is a per to per  "Site"  so as customers we can try to help ya out with suggestion but we can't our self's fix the issue your posting about, there are however some thing you can do to help prevent extra use.  These are Mine..

1.Make sure there is no apps running in the back ground on your phone when your not using it. If you have a Android device an App called System Panel is a good way to keep your phones on it's  Vitals, Battery Use, Temps, and App's    

2.Use Wi-Fi  if you have it instead of the Network, when you want to use your phone for like listening to Music and other thing that could use more data!   I use Wi-Fi allot when I'm streaming Music

3. if your not needing your phone when you go to Bed turn it off, when your getting your rest so is your phone when you wake up, wake it up.. And you and your phone will both be fresh and ready for the MorningSmiley Happy

So give those suggestion a Try and see if they Help.. b33 

Re: Data usage is being recorded incorrectly!
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Mobile data has been off for the past two days, and been off on thursday and friday.  in those two days, 00's of mbs of data were recorded as being used on verizon's

on saturday i thought the issue had been resolved because the customer rep said that if i had the phone lost or stolen and the phone was not entered as lost or stolen the other phone could be being used by someone else hence the unexplained records of data usage.   website so i turned the mobile data back on and still getting the same result. 

my moms phone recorded 16 mb's of data usage in the past week, verizon's website is recording 100's


It's my mom's phone and she doesn't use the internet so it's not really been a problem leaving MOBILE DATA off.

the problem is that usage is still recorded on verizonwireless account manager under usage.

When i check the settings i can see which apps are using how much data is being used by each app.  and it is very very little. also, like i've said we've had mobile data turned off,  the phones data usage recorder reflects this fact, and somehow data usage is still being recorded on verizon's side.

also, as for apps running in the background, this time when we replaced the phone, we downloaded NO NEW APPS except for the verizon wireless account manager update.

I have 30 apps on my phone and i still don't go over the limit (2gb)  and when i have gone over it's because i did go over, that's FINE.

also on my phone (exact same phone btw)  the data usage recorded on my settings pretty much matches up with what is recorded on

Re: Data usage is being recorded incorrectly!
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Also I have a recorded video if you would like to see it.

Re: Data usage is being recorded incorrectly!

Hmm interesting...

When I've called into C.S. to talk to an agent to check on certain plans I'v had them run a Data use check for the month the i asked about, the agent told me what it was running and he said we can also run a total average for last 3 months, Have they done that for you as well, run a 3 month average for last 3 months? 

They always bill a month back Like this month were paying for last month's but at each cycle you should start all over your data when does your bill cycle our's is on the 26th of each month and so far as of Today I'v used 0.801GB or 820,22 MB..

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Re: Data usage is being recorded incorrectly!

The information I see is ok, Now if one of the Employees should stop by your thread here they might be interested in seeing the video, I looked to see if the thread was marked as a Question it wasn't but they still might drop by and take a Look, and ask how they can help ya, Now if they do ask you some things Don't put your personal Info on here Like you phone number or full name as that will go against the forum rules.

But give it a day or two and see if they stop by..Smiley Happy b33

Re: Data usage is being recorded incorrectly!
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The exact same thing is happening to me I put in billing issue number >Ticket number deleted to comply with VZW ToS< to them and tnext step is my lawyer They have agrivated and wasted an incredible amount of my time with this issue...

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