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Dear VZW, The unlimited data plan is killing your infrastructure....

I live in zipcode 30461.

The speeds in this area have taken a dive. I mean, like a fat kid off a diving board, belly first. Except, my LTE bandwidth is not LTE anymore, it's half-dialup. While I would love to post screen shots, someone is going to say, that's not how you measure speed. Okay, alright, then you tell me how you do it. Would you tell your FiOS customers the same thing? I doubt it.

While my LTE signal is beautiful at a steady 88 dBm which is 5 bars, 4 is at 90, the bandwidth is lacking. I suspect because users are now gobbling up the unlimited data plans and using data more than ever, giving VZW towers a stroke. And the correct way to fix this is to add more backbone bandwidth and then more towers. But, that' rips into profits, right?

While I struggle to upload and send a 5Mb picture, I have to have my girlfriend, who has AT&T turn her phone into a hot spot so I can get anything done. Think of the irony in that. While on my Verizon branded LG phone, I have to connect to my girlfriends AT&T branded phone, to use the AT&t infrastructure, to use the internet.

Unfortunately, I get the same issues on my Verizon branded LG tablet. So, it's not the signal, it's not the device, then what is it?

Look at the LTE forum front page, see a pattern? It Starts with 'S' and rhymes with "SLOW LTE."

So, here is my question, are you going to fix the issue or do I need to go ahead and switch in 13 days when the contract on my tablet expires? You know, the contract I was told I wouldn't have at the store when I got the account originally.

Now before you go telling me, "AHA! The tower in your area is having service issues." Don't. See, I spent at least 3 hours talking to customers service. To the point I even had remote administration. And what did I get, "Yeah, there's a little lag" A little lag? That's what you call 0.03 Mbp/s?

What would you call no service? Spotty? Not perfect?

On top of that, I even drove to the local corporate store to exchange LTE sim cards, where the employee watch the speed test. Then, after seeing it, shrugged his shoulders, as I awkwardly stood there waiting for him to offer a fix or suggestion. Of course, it was 'iPhone' day, where the door was under guard, and people were forced to sit in a row of 4 chairs in the hot sun.

But wait! There's more! After following your "Tech Coach" representatives every suggestion, going beyond what was needed, down ridiculous dead-ends. Here I sit, paying almost $200.00 a month, for a glorified walkie-talkie. Boy, I can sure make calls, and the calculator works real good. But, if I want to Google a nice place to eat, I just better go ahead and drive around town, it be faster

I really want to stay on VZW. I really don't want to have to buy new phones, shop for plans. But, I am not the type who likes to throw free money at corporations either.

And, so after my final effort - what did I end up with? TEch supports telling me to do periodic test through-out the week. What is your plan Verizon? Buying time one week at a time?

P.S. You broke my heart.

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Re: Dear VZW, The unlimited data plan is killing your infrastructure....
Super User
Super User

Do you know any other Verizon Wireless customers in your area that have a fixed monthly data plan as opposed to an Unlimited plan? If so, are they experiencing slow data speeds as well?

Re: Dear VZW, The unlimited data plan is killing your infrastructure....
Customer Support



I know how important it is to have reliable speeds when using your devices. Allow us to take a closer look, as you've addressed this concern with tech support previously. To fully assist and to review your account remarks, please respond to private message.



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Re: Dear VZW, The unlimited data plan is killing your infrastructure....

Yes I know others with issues. The problem is its typically described as.. They suck.. They're slow.. Etc. But its anecdotal and subjective...