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Dear Verizon

Dear Verizon, please have your technicians read their email BEFORE helping a customer with a data network issue on their phone. Because you wanted to activate a new 4G SIM card in my phone, I now have a $300 paper weight until your frequently troubled 4G network is up again.  If I had known your 4G stood for 4 Good days of service per month, I would never have purchased my Motorola BIONIC.  I love the phone...not so much your service.  And why can't you publish some information...ANY information...about the outage?   Your customers need some idea of what is going on and how long you expect this to last.

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Re: Dear Verizon

Same here.  My 4G worked for about 2 minutes when I first got my phone, now it never works.  Even if the phone says it's running, it never works.  It's a good thing I got grandfathered in on the $30 unlimited from my last phone and get a discount through my employer or I'd be extremely unhappy about paying for a service I don't get.