Dell Venue tablet with a 5808 gobi LTE 4G modem....can't connect to Cisco VPN

I have a new Dell Venue tablet with a 5808 gobi LTE 4G modem and am having issues with Cisco VPN access. I've been told that I need to use VZAccess Manager to adjust some settings as per the instructions I inserted below, but there doesn't seem to be a VZAccess Manager version that supports my 4G modem type at this time....does anyone know if this is in the works or if there is another way for me to adjust these settings without VZAccess Manager?

Thanks for any help........EJ

Instructions I was given....

In VZAccess Manager, select Options | Preferences.  Under the Connectivity options, the default setting of "NDIS Mode - Manually Connect" was selected.  Changing this option to "Modem Mode - Manually connect" appears to have completely addressed the issue.  We can now connect to the WWAN, establish a Cisco VPN session and have connectivity.


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