Deprioritize during congestion
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I work and live remotely in a RV full time and use Mifi as my connection to the internet. I learned today, mobile hotspots are deprioritized during congestion and there’s no solution other than to wait until the congestion subside or move to a different location. I also learned the deprioritizing happens once 15GB are reached. I pay for 150GB each month and I’m told I have the highest plan, so no upgrade available.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Other than moving locations and waiting for the congestion to subside, how are you dealing with this not so great limiting feature from Verizon? Thanks in advance for your help. 

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I would share your concern if I was also having this same problem with my hotspot, Rocto. I could imagine how nice of a tool a hotspot is with traveling in an RV all the time. If your plans has a certain amount or premium data, it shouldn't be affected by prioritization prior to that. Congestion can certainly still impact that, as it affects all users on the cell site. We definitely want to take a closer look into this. Please be on the lookout for a private note from us.