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I purchased a Moto z3 3 months ago.  Over the past month it has been dropping service completely.  Have swapped SIM, used in safe mode, reset wireless connections.   After doing all of this the device was warrantied out.  Received replacement device today. It isn't a "like new certified"device. Has anybody else ever and this happened to them?  Why would they replace a very recent device with a used one?

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Re: Device drops service, replacement device
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Mjesch, I can certainly understand why you would be concerned, especially if you were not aware that replacement devices are not necessarily new. I'd be happy to provide more information, so you can feel more confident about this process. Rest assured, our certified like-new replacement devices are inspected extensively to ensure they are working just like a brand new phone. We receive warranty replacements directly from the manufacturer, and we facilitate the warranty to ensure that you can receive a replacement quickly when needed. Check out more details about Certified Like-New Replacements here: