Disappointed in data usage

I have been very disappointed with the data usage on my iPhone5. I have been with Verizon for many years, and I had the unlimted data plan with my Blackberry. They stated that I was grandfathered in, however when I got my iPhone5 they switched me to the 2G of data without my knowledge. When I went into the store to ask about the issue, they said it did not matter that I was grandfathered in and I would be switched. The woman in the store did help me figure out how much data I usually used, and though we went through the data usage calculator mutliple times, almost every month I find myself close to if not over the data limit. I have been using much less data to make sure I do not go over (I basically only use it for my emails), however it seems as if every month I am exceeding my limit.

This month, I am particularily agrivated because I recieved a text saying that I had hit my data limit, and I immediately turned off the cellular data and iMessage. However, when I logged on to my Verizon account, it stated that I was .0001 GB over and would have to pay the $10 overage fee. When I called to inquire further about my data usage, the customer service representative was extremely rude to me and made me feel like I was wasting her time.

It is getting a little ridiculous that I can barely use the data that I am paying for, and I have been starting to seriously look into other wireless providers. Verizon is not the same company as it was when I first started using their services, and I am extremely disappointed with their decline in customer service and support.

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Re: Disappointed in data usage
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Existing customers can no longer keep their old unlimited data plan if they purchase a new device at the two year contract price. This change of policy came into being when the Share Everything plans were added to choose of service options in June 28, 2012. You could have keep your unlimited data if you had purchased the phone at full retail price.

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